Tartan Partnerships is a unique and bespoke event management service striving to deliver a high quality service to all, regardless of race, religion or sexuality. Whilst our specialty is organising civil partnerships, weddings and commitments, we offer a similar bespoke approach to all events, including birthdays, dinner parties, funerals, and naming ceremonies.

We operate with a clear purpose – to support our clients in preparing for their special event, and to ensure that the event runs smoothly and without difficulty. Our experience in organising our own civil partnership was that a surprising number of businesses still don’t offer comparable services to `traditional’ weddings, which makes approaching venues awkward, isolating and difficult.

We firmly believe that this should not happen, and work only with businesses who understand our philosophy and our clients needs. We strive to use Scottish produce and services whenever able, and are keen to promote our beautiful country beyond the UK. The ‘partnership’ extends beyond the events we organise; we are dedicated to only working alongside other businesses or organisations who share our goals.

In turn, we form a unique network of businesses and services, that come together to make sure your event is the unique, personalised and memorable event you seek. Whether you are arranging an event for five or five hundred, with a budget of a few hundred or a few thousand, we are happy to meet with you for a no-obligation discussion to see how we can help.